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Many soft skills online-training courses have been sold at Topica, Edumall, Kyna and many schools offering classroom-training courses. However, the phenomenon of the graduates, who have not met the requirements of the Enterprises for soft skills and attitudes, still occurs. With many years of experience in the field of training, YOOT has summarized an effective soft skill training model as follows:

An effective soft skill training model

Strong motivation

Qualified training courses

Attractive community

Frequent practices

YOOT understands the importance with the students' motivation. Before the training starts, students need to have strong motivations. The motivation of students comes from the desire to become better, have a good job after graduation, or simply being mandatory to finish the courses for their graduation. In addition, maintaining the motivation will determine the success of the training and the secret is to have a community of practicing together.

YOOT creates a technology platform and opens the door for enthusiastic trainers to contribute to the common mission. In other words, YOOT takes the responsibility for finding the dedicated trainers, inviting and selecting qualified soft skills training courses for students.

Attending a soft skill training course is necessary, but not enough. Because the course only gives students the knowledge and methods to practice the skill only. The sufficient condition to form the skill is that students have to practice it enough. In fact, communities play an important role for individuals to practice themselves. When practicing alone, it is difficult for students to maintain their motivations throughout the training process.

From these above conclusions, YOOT has launched a YOOT technology platform that helps students practice the skills and attitude as following:

5 Courses

YOOT provides the platform for skills training courses that reach students through the web and mobile applications (app). YOOT gathers qualified courses to ensure students receive the best courses.

At the beginning, YOOT has developed 5 courses for students:

The Art of Inspirational Presentation

The course helps students become more confident when speaking in public and know how to build presentation content to conquer audiences.

The Art of Communication for Success

The course helps students with principles of communication in order to build good relationships with colleagues.

The Art of Teamwork for Success

The course helps students understand different social types of people, the most effective way to work with each type, knows the method to gather and get the agreement on brainstorming ideas.

The Art of Conquering Employers

The course helps students understand the employers' ways of thinking, discovering what theirs job need and then preparing their respective competencies.

Business Startup

The course provides useful, practical knowledge about entrepreneurship. Students need to be equipped with this background knowledge in order to become a successful entrepreneur later.

All courses provides practical exercises. Students do the practices and upload the records to the YOOT technology platform. YOOT provides a mechanism for students to evaluate each other, basing on criteria prepared by trainers. In the case that the score received is not fair, the student has the right to request a re-evaluation from other students.

To motivate students to practice themselves, YOOT technology platform provides a social network, where students can "show off" their own practical achievements so that the student community can "like" and "share". It intensify the motivation for students to continue practicing the next ones.

YOOT encourages students to create positive communities that help each other to improve themselves in some certain aspects.

Students are motivated to show positive actions such as practicing exercises, sharing hands-on training experiences, evaluating practices of others, participating in positive communities .... Each positive action are recorded to increase the CAPABILITY POINT (Point) of students.
Such as:

  • Complete a training clip 1000 Points
  • Complete an exercise 1000 Points
  • A practice meets the standard 1000 Points
  • Evaluating a practice of someone 1500 Points
  • The post has a "like" 500 Points (for each "like")
  • The post has a "share" 1000 Points (for each "share")
  • The posts has an admin's "like" 5000 Points
  • "Like" a post 50 Points
  • "Share" a post 100 Points
  • ...

(The above score is for reference only, they could be adjusted accordingly)

On the YOOT technology platform, each student is encouraged to accumulate their own Points to show their Competence. Students with high points will be rewarded with opportunities for personal development, career opportunities, and personal branding opportunities, such as:


Value course

Prestige awards every year

Lunch with dollar millionaires

Vouchers using the products for free

Enterprises are invited to participate in the educational mission in various forms: sharing experiences with students, sponsoring scholarships, sponsoring competitions to develop students comprehensively,...

The value that the Enterprises receive is to find talents for their teams. YOOT technology platform helps connect students with employers. Not only students looking for employers, employers can also search for students, especially those with good skills and attitudes, identified by the points that students have accumulated. Every month, YOOT lists down students who are chosen by employers.

Also emphasizing that:

  • Competence Points of students cannot be bought by money, they can only be achieved through positive activities.

  • Recruiters can review students' activities on YOOT technology platform (if students allow) to decide on choosing the students.

With a harmonious combination of many elements: fun, show off, self-development, opportunities to be recruited, students will maintain the motivations to improve themselves for successful futures.

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