Career orientation -

Career orientation

Facing with the situation that many students choose the wrong field to study and when they graduate, they do not apply the learned knowledge to the job, which is a big waste. YOOT technology platform includes a system to help students be more successful:

1. Understand yourself

Students can explore themselves through the test, and thereby predict professions that may be appropriate for their personality.

Students can perform the test HERE

Perform the test

2. Understand the job positions

To help students understand the career position and feel that some working positions are suitable, YOOT has collaborated with many prestigious enterprises, Saigon Entrepreneur Newspaper, Human Resource Forecasting Center, jointly build a video library, visually describing a typical working day for positions. Since then students and parents can better understand and choose the right field to study.

3. Choose your field of study

Once you have chosen a suitable working position, YOOT will continue to advise students: which studying program to best prepare for it.

4. Developing soft skills and dignity

Students are equipped with knowledge at the university, YOOT helps students develop soft skills and dignities through YOOT technology platform.

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More information on “Developing dignities"

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5. Connect with employers

YOOT technology platform is also a place to connect students with employers. Qualified students who have mastered skills and dignities on the YOOT technology platform can be recruited by employers right before they graduate.

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